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It’s a lovely city on the margins of the Nabão river. Its history is ancestral, as is its patrimony. You...
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  • Constância


Constância is a town bordered by two great rivers, the Tejo and the Zezere. Its set of little white houses,...
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  • Almourol


It’s a lovely castle. Built on the eleventh century, on a promontory on Tejo’s riverbed, it had a defensive purpose...
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Vila Nova da Barquinha

What is it that’s so special about Barquinha? The proximity of the river? Its magnificent garden and artistic elements on...
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  • Tancos


Small, but very pretty, Tancos is a sort of port of the Tejo river. On the opposite margin, the village...
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River beaches

The nearby river beaches are not particularly convenient because they are not often easily accessibl, but some of them are...
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Serviços adicionais

Caso pretenda ter uma experiência única enquanto fica no nosso alojamento, podemos proporcionar-lhe, mediante marcação, passeio de cavalo, passeio de barco, canoagem, ski.



Additional services

If you want to have a unique experience while staying in our accommodation, we can provide, by appointment, horse riding, boat trips, canoeing, skiing.


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