• Tancos


Small, but very pretty, Tancos is a sort of port of the Tejo river.

On the opposite margin, the village of Arripiado has a staircase passing through it that makes it resemble a Christmas crib, with white houses and a church. On your left, you can see the castle of Almourol, on your right Cardiga’s medieval tower, a wonderful villa (nowadays a bit degraded) by the water that once upon a time belonged to the Order of Christ (anciently named “Order of the Knights Templar’s »).

While you wait for the boat that may take you to the other side, you may observe the retaining walls, some of them with marks of flood levels, which support gardens that are high above the ground, some of them used nowadays as restaurants and bars.

Recently, much of the riverside area has been recovered and includes outdoor theaters that have provided locals and visitors many pleasant evenings.