• Constância


Constância is a town bordered by two great rivers, the Tejo and the Zezere. Its set of little white houses, with slender paved streets, dovetail a hill which is embraced by beaches where weeping willows let their branches flow with the water.

The town’s centre is captivating and includes a small square, a pillory and wonderful little cafés with terrasses bathing in the sun from which you may enjoy Constancia’s privileged situation at the intersection of the two rivers.

Constância is also known for being a town where, allegedly, Camões, (a very well known Portuguese poet in the sixteenth century) liked to dwell, having been mentioned in some of his poems.

You may visit the Church of Misericórdia, the Casa do Relógio (a typical nobleman’s house), the great staircase, the old prison, the flood marks, the siding streets and their flooring, the quietness and the view over the water at every turning corner.

On Easter Sunday, the streets are richly decorated with flowers that used to announce the boat procession that used to take place when the town was a major fishing, transfer and trading centre.